AI Assisted Robotic Surgery

Yomi is an advanced dental implant robot designed to assist dentists in placing dental implants with remarkable precision and accuracy. It combines robotics, computer technology, and 3D imaging to enhance the implant procedure.

Here's how the Yomi dental implant robot works:

  1. Preoperative Planning: Before the procedure, Dr Kaushesh will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral structure using 3D scans. This detailed imaging helps in planning the exact placement of the implants based on your jawbone structure and oral anatomy.

  2. Guided Surgery: During the surgery, Yomi acts as a navigational guide for the dentist. It provides real-time feedback and guidance, assisting Dr Kaushesh in placing the implants exactly according to the pre-planned position, depth, and angle. This guidance ensures a high level of accuracy and minimizes the risk of errors.

  3. Haptic Feedback: Yomi provides haptic feedback, which means the dentist feels gentle resistance or guidance through the robotic system, helping to ensure that the implant is placed precisely as planned. This tactile feedback allows for adjustments in real-time if needed, further enhancing accuracy.

  4. Customization: The system is adaptable and allows for adjustments during the procedure, accommodating any changes or unexpected anatomical variations that may arise. This adaptability contributes to the overall accuracy of the implant placement.

  5. Improved Patient Experience: Due to the precise nature of Yomi-assisted implant placement, patients may experience reduced surgery time, minimal discomfort, and potentially faster healing. The accuracy of the placement can also contribute to better long-term success rates for dental implants.

Yomi represents a significant advancement in dental implant technology, offering dentists a tool that combines computerized planning with robotic assistance for highly accurate implant placement. This precision can lead to better outcomes, increased patient comfort, and enhanced satisfaction with the dental implant procedure.

Please contact our office if you have further questions about our cutting edge technology, the Yomi robot. 

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